Dual Wield

Upgrade to the dual screen experience
Deux dual screen & your smartphone

Maximum Phone

Dedicated keyboard and gamepad
Dual screen for your favorite apps

Made for

Works with your iPhone and Android.
Fits all modern smartphones.

As it should be

Deux does together. It works as a wireless keyboard and gamepad for your phone. It also runs Android and web apps. Upgrades your phone into a foldable dual screen phone.    

Lift for netbook. Open for tablet. Rotate for phone.

Chrome iPhone


Deux becomes a mini laptop. Use the second screen as a keyboard or gamepad. Supersize the display space on your phone. Its the comfort of dedicated input.



Deux becomes a dual screen tablet. Use the second screen to run your fave apps together. More apps together let you get more done. Its the joy of multitasking.



Deux becomes a phone. A complete fold results in the fammiliar phone form . Use your phone normally with Deux out of the way. Its the freedom of choice.

Made For Your Kind

Made For More

The Working Kind

Use more office apps jointly. Docs, Notes, Calendar, Spreadsheet, Tasks, Reference, Utilities, Web sites on dual screen. Work longer with extra battery . Type faster with dedicated keyboard. Use a dedicated work phone number with its inbuilt dual SIM slot. 


Use more creative apps jointly. Camera, Video,  Sound, Editing, Player. With the inbuilt camera, shoot the subject with multiple camera apps together, or record video while taking photos. More sotrage space on Deux directly accessible with third party apps.    

The PRO-User Kind

Push the boundaries of what is possible on your phone. 2x Screen, WiFi, GPS, SIM, Battery allow Deux to be used in many ways. Limited only by imagination. +Internet Hotspot +Additional/Backup Phone +VR Capture +NAS +Dedicated voice assistant

iphone 2

The Gaming Kind 

Play better, play easy using the dedicated gamepad on Deux. Gaming is distraction free with controls shifted from the main screen to the dedicated controller. Full size controls on Deux lets you game comfortably for hours.

The Social Kind

Use more social app jointly. Browse multiple social networks. Watch videos while chatting. Chat with multiple people on multiple or same apps at once. Say more quickly with dedicated keyboard. Manage your social life efficiently with more screen space.

The Trendy Kind

Become the center of attention with this innovative, patent pending design. The wow factor of a 360° foldable phone with dual screen, premium anodized aluminium finish makes this a one of a kind. Move ahead with the maximum phone.


Future is foldable

Elegant design with high precision engineering. Dual weild your phone.

Lines of Codes
Prototypes developed
No. of Patents & IP
Hours of Development

Built Strong

Sturdy case craftsmanship with space grade aluminium in prime anodized finish.

Built Durable

Device craftsmanship using resistant magnesium alloy and Gorilla Glass.

Built Flexible

Industry leading hinge with complete 360 ° rotation. Craftsmanship in stainless steel.

Works Hard

Latest 10 core ARM CPU, Mali GPU and 8 GB RAM. Inbuilt internal storage of 256GB.

Plays Fast

Android 10 with its full suite of features & apps. Bluetooth 5 for lightining fast connection.

Performs Better

Maximize work & play with separate keyboard / gamepad. Multitask with muliple apps on dual screen.

Makes Sense

Deux appis built built from ground up to be used as the dual screen hub. Launch your fave apps in one tap from its customizable launcher.

Makes It Quick

Deux app connects over latest Bluetooth 5 for cross-platform fast connections and responsive keyboard and gamepad use.

Makes it Work

Deux app is compatiable not just with your iPhone or Android, but also with your other smart devices. It works as a wireless keyboard with them too.

Its possible on Deux

Do it all & more on Zeeys Deux

Fits all sizes

The adjustable case expands to fit your phone. Accepts all iPhones and Androids.

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synergism to deliver

Apurva Sukant



Industry experience in Human Computer Interaction. Interested in unique form factors and interaction modalities. Marginal transhumanist.



Software Design Lead

Talented in full stack development. Multi platform magician with interest in IoT and other cloud based appification.



Software Design Lead

Expert in Data Analytics and AI. Ethusiasstic about application of new technologies to solve basic problems.



Hardware Design Lead

Specialist in shaping ideas. Iterative engineer and problem solver. Perfectionist with a penchant for practicality.



Hardware Partner
Tenchen Technology

Industry leading manufacturer of phone cases. Prime supplier to top brands including: Walt Disney, Audi, & Walmart.


Joyce & Dako

Hardware Partner
Smooth Technology

Preeminent manufacturer of hinges and sliders. Provider of choice for top brands including: Panasonic, Lennovo, Intel, HP, Razer & JBL.



Legal Partner
Quadriga Legal

Boutique IPR with a gamut of legal expertise for innovator, R&D, and entrepreneur communities.


Startup India

Seed Investor
DPIIT Govt. of India

Startup India is a flagship initiative of the Government of India, intended to build a strong ecosystem that is conducive for the growth of startup businesses.